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Pride of the Kostanay land

Kostanay land is the birthplace of many great sons of the Kazakh people. Mighty batyrs and wise biys lived here, orators with apt poetic words who solved the most complex inter-tribal conflicts in their time. The talented military commander, brave batyr, hero of battles with juggars Shakshak Zhanibek Koshkaruly was the first among the noble Kazakhs to receive the honorary title of tarkhan. Barak-batyr Karabaluanuly became famous for his participation in the peasant war led by Yemelyan Pugachev, and then in the national liberation movement led by Syry Datov. The descendants of Zhabaga batyr keep the battle banner of their brave ancestor as a relic.

The wise sayings of Shokai Balkanuly, Nauryzbai Kazbayuly, Balgozhi Zhanbyrshin (grandfather of Ibray Altynsarin), Shegen biya, Kanzhygaly Asaubai, Shanki-sheshen, Seraly-akyn and Oske Torkauly are still remembered by the indigenous people. The name of Tatikara is inscribed in golden letters in the anthology of Kazakh literature. He was the standard-bearer of Abylai Khan and the most beloved zhyrau of the people.

Kenesary Kasymov and his brother – colleague Nauryzbai batyr fought on Kostanay land. The localities Karaoi (black valley) and Kuiik (ashes) on the territory of the Zhitikarinsky district and Naizakesken (manufacturing peak) on the territory of the Sarykol district and Auliekol and Khanzhatkan (Holy Lake and Khan's headquarters) on the territory of the Auliekol district are closely associated with the name of Kenesary and his spiritual mentor Maral-ishan. Brave batyrs Amankeldy Imanov and Keiki-batyr fought for the happiness of their native people.

The great scientist Chokan Valikhanov, the inspired educator Ibrai Altynsarin, the akin improviser Aksulu Orysbaikyzy, the poet Nurzhan Naushabayev glorified their native lands. Outstanding public figures Akhmet Baitursynov, Mirzhakyp Dulatov, Eldes Omarov stood at the origins of the Kazakh sovereign state. The birth of a professional theater on Kostanay land dates back to 1918. Then a drama club was created in the Alibi squad of Zhangeldin, where Elyubai Umurzakov, Serke Kozhamkulov, Kapan Badyrov played, who later became outstanding masters of the Kazakh stage. Our countrymen Ilyas Omarov, Beimbet Mailin, Spandiyar Kubeev, Beket Utetleuov, Syrbai Maulenov, Gafu Kairbekov, Zhaysanbek Moldagaliev, Ivan Shegolikhin, Kaynekey Zharmagambetov, Akan Nurmanov, Gabbas Zhumabayev, Mariam Khakimzhanova and others made a significant contribution to the development of Kazakh culture and literature.

The first Kazakh magazine, which was published in Troitsk, was edited by Mukhamedzhan Seralin. Beimbet Mailin and Gabit Musrepov together with the Russian writer V. Ivanov wrote the script of the film "Amangeldy". Far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan, the names of our countrymen are known - famous scientists of the republic, academicians: Umirzak Sultangazin, Manash Kozybayev, Kenzhegali Sagadiev, Sagyndyk Satybaldin, Zhumagali Ismagulov. Prominent historian, corresponding member. USSR Academy of Sciences Pavel Volobuev, corresponding member. The Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, soil scientist Umirbek Ospanov, philosopher Kasym Rakhmatullin, academician, biochemist Temirbai Darkanbayev are the pride of our republic.

The first sculptor of modern Kazakhstan Khakimzhan Nauryzbayev, the first organizer of choral art Bakhytzhan Baykadamov, one of the first professional doctors Mukhamedzhan Karabayev – they all come from our region. Composer Ablahat Esbayev is one of the founders of the musical art of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

People's akyns Omar Shipin, Sat Yessenbayev, Nurkhan Akhmetbekov, Utemis Kalabayev, Asia Berkenova and Konyspai Abilev continued the work of their predecessors.


((1896, village No. 13 of Komsomolsk, now Karabalyk district of Kostanay region - 1979) - Kazakh theater and film actor, one of the founders of stage art, People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR. Hero of Socialist Labor, winner of the…


(1931, village of Itsary, Mendykarinsky district, Kostanay region - 2002) - Soviet and Kazakh scientist-historian, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, Honored Scientist of the Kazakh SSR, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, winner of the Chokan Valikhanov Prize,…


(1878, Alakul village, now Aksuat of Mendykarinsky district of Kostanay region - 1956) - Kazakh Soviet writer, public figure, honored teacher of the Kazakh SSR, organizer of new schools in villages. He studied at the Kazakh-Russian school founded by I.…


(1869, Koshalak village of Zhangeldinsky district -1919) - a famous Kazakh educator, cultural worker, participant of the Alash movement.He graduated from the Orenburg Teachers' Seminary. Since 1905, he taught at the Seminary of Semipalatinsk, then taught Kazakh at the higher…


(1887, Zhangeldinsky district-1934) was a teacher-educator, journalist-translator, ethnographer, member of the Russian Geographical Society, member of the Alash movement. In Torgai, she studied at the Russian-Kazakh school founded by Ibrai Altynsarin. In 1902 she graduated from Kostanay Women's Gymnasium. In…