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"Native land charm"

Wednesday, 08 September 2021
"Native land charm"

Artist-painter Natalia Khalifayeva presents her exhibition in a significant anniversary year for Kazakhstan – the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the personal exhibition, the artist will present oil paintings expressing admiration for the beauty of his native land. Landscapes, still lifes and thematic compositions will be presented.

Natalia Khalifayeva is a member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winner of creative competitions, Winner of the Kazyna Prize of the Kostanay Club of Patrons, participant of regional and republican exhibitions and author of 12 personal ones. The scope of the artist's creative interests is wide and has many years of rich experience. N. Khalifayeva works in various painting techniques, this is oil and watercolor, in decorative and applied art, this is batik and art painting on metal.

The theme of the landscape cycle of Natalia Khalifayeva's native land is diverse. The artist, subtly feeling nature, enhances and concentrates impressions of reality on his canvases. Her works depict various states of the seasons – awakening spring, beautiful summer, multi-faceted autumn and charming winter. They are filled with a special lyrical mood and beauty. "Harmony, perfection, orderliness, elegance" - these are the words that viewers most often express their admiration for Khalifayeva's canvases," Vladimir Barabanov, one of the Kostanay artists, writes in his reviews.

Organically fits into the canvas of landscape works and one of the master's favorite genres – still life. She is also fascinated by the attractive colorful world of the national Kazakh culture. In the solution of the created compositions, rich sonorous open colors seem to reveal the opportunity to display this almost magical and enchanting world.

Natalia Khalifayeva expresses herself in her works as a subtle lyricist, leading an unusually tremulous one-on-one dialogue with her native nature, it is filled with personal experience, contemplation and fascination.