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"Rainbow of canvases"

Monday, 26 July 2021
"Rainbow of canvases"

Renoir once remarked that "Painting is not just waking dreams, but first of all skill, so an artist needs to be a master of his craft." Very often people forget that painting is not only an art, but also a craft. And it's not easy to master this craft at all.

The author of the exhibition "Rainbow of canvases" artist Alexander Zakharchenkov, is well known to the Kostanay audience. His skill as a real landscape painter lies in the fact that already in a full-scale motif he is able to identify and highlight the main thing, to find characteristic features and details that are inherent only in this place. And, thus, to emphasize his individuality. In one breath, the artist "splashes out" on the canvas with exhaustive sincerity the image of a huge emotional force that lives, breathes and evokes a response to this confession.

The artist paints from nature, directly onto the canvas, bypassing the stage of sketches and preparatory sketches. Accurately capturing the color structure and color of nature, he conveys them with convincing authenticity on canvas, which allows you to create a sense of truthfulness and naturalness. He wants to say with his paintings that the world of nature is infinitely diverse, and whatever happens in it, it will always remain beautiful in its reasonable and perfect harmony.

The works of Alexander Zakharchenkov rarely leave people indifferent. The surrounding world with its exciting beauty has a special power over the human soul. Landscape in the artist's work has won the place of one of the leading genres of painting. Looking at the works, listening to what the artist tells us, we learn the knowledge of life, understanding and love for the world and man.

Looking at the works of Alexander Zakharchenkov, you concentrate on the rhythm of the lines, on the exciting intensity of color, on the composition. Colorful spots in a fitful movement win their place in the overall ensemble of the picture, and arguing with each other, hurry to light up with a bright glow. Each work tells its own story, you just need to look carefully.

In addition to artistic activity, Alexander Vasilyevich is a teacher. Previously, he taught at Kostanay State University at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Drawing, and currently works at Kostanay Construction College.

The works of Alexander Vasilyevich have a special color system, paintings filled with the sun fascinate with love of life and inspiration.

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