«Под знаком Водолея» персональная юбилейная художественная выставка  Олега Кускова.

Saturday, 02 April 2022
«Под знаком Водолея» персональная юбилейная художественная выставка  Олега Кускова.

Oleg Vitalievich Kuskov is a well-known Kostanay artist, winner of the Kazyna Prize of the Kostanay Club of Patrons. He was born on February 9, 1962 in the village of Zatobolsk (now the city of Tobyl) Kostanay region. Currently, the artist lives and works in Kostanay.

"Under the sign of Aquarius" - this is how the author himself, who was born under this zodiac constellation, called his exhibition. One of the defining character traits of people born under the astrological sign of Aquarius is the constant search for new sensations and new ideas. These personal qualities are fully characteristic of the artist Oleg Kuskov. Since childhood and youth, he loved to draw, dreamed of connecting his life with the sea and even enrolled in a maritime school. But fate decreed that Oleg received a degree in mechanical engineering and stayed to work in his hometown. At the age of 28, he took up painting and graphics for the first time and it became his life's work. Another youthful hobby of Oleg Kuskov - the musical underground - was subsequently embodied in a series of paintings dedicated to the works of famous bands Pink Floyd, DDT, etc. The first solo exhibition of amateur artist Oleg Kuskov took place in 1989, later in his creative life there were 15 more solo exhibitions, participation in many regional and city thematic exhibitions.

At the anniversary exhibition "Under the Sign of Aquarius" by the winner of the Kazyna Prize of the Kostanay Club of Patrons Oleg Kuskov, about 70 works of art representing a retrospective of his work for 33 years are exhibited.

Oleg Kuskov is a diverse and original artist, he has always been attracted by a variety of genres, themes, and techniques of performance. His landscape works attract with clarity and artless simplicity of artistic manner. A special place in the work of the artist O.V. Kuskov belongs to urban retro landscapes, in which the past seems to come to life, and old houses live a self-sufficient life.

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