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Railway station building

An element of development that forms the modern look of Kostanay. The station building is the concentration of the railway junction and the compositional accent of the ensemble of the station square.


The authors of the project: architects V. Batyrev, A.Sukhorukova, engineer Zh. Samsonov.


The railway station was built in 1976. The project was developed by the Mosgiprotrans Institute. The building was built on the site of the old railway station. Builders: "Kazakhtranstekhmontazh", Management of Magnitogorsk, Ministry of Transport of the USSR, etc. For the design and construction of the railway station in Kostanay, a team of architects, engineers and builders was awarded the USSR Council of Ministers Prize for 1978.

The station experienced a new birth at the beginning of the XXI century. The reconstruction has modernized the appearance of the station, preserving its most notable features.  

Description of the monument

Dating of the monument: 1976 - 1977.

Location, address: Kostanay, Perronnaya str., 7

The station building is oriented to the main thoroughfare of the city – Al–Farabi Avenue, facing the station square at an angle and is its compositional completion. It is an elongated, three-storey, reinforced concrete structure. The approach to the building is not complicated by stairs or lawns due to a solid asphalt blind area. The main southern facade and the main entrance are oriented to Al–Farabi Avenue. The main entrance is blocked by a powerful reinforced concrete canopy with a 15 m cantilever overhang .

The first floor has solid glazing and is recessed. The second and third floors are united by a single composite solution. They are solved as an integral volume, the plane of which is dissected by a continuous ribbon glazing with a sunscreen covering it in the form of horizontal stripes protruding beyond the plane of the facade.

In the planning solution, it is a hall system.  The structural scheme of the building is frame. Panel partitions, reinforced concrete floors. The compositional center of the architectural and planning solution is the operating room for passengers (ticket sales, information, mailings, telephone conversations, etc.). The layout provides a clear organization of the complex life of the station structure. All services are located in the east wing of the building.

The average height of the premises is 3.8 m. The total area is 5375.7 m2.