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Алтынсарин көш. 115

City Treasury Building (Fund for work with children and youth "Nadezhda")

An example of civil architecture of the late XIX – early XX century. Demonstrates the level of construction equipment in the Northern regions of the republic.

Construction of the building began in 1912. There is no detailed information about this, but presumably the construction was completed by 1913, perhaps finishing work was also carried out in 1913. Until 1918, the building housed the city Treasury, after the city pharmacy No. 1.

During the Great Patriotic War, the collections of the State Historical Museum were housed in Kostanay. Some of them were stored in the basement of the pharmacy (city treasury).

The reconstruction and losses that changed the original appearance of the monument are insignificant.

Description of the monument

The dating of the monument is the beginning of the XX century, 1913.

Location, address: Kostanay, Baitursynova str., 73.

The building is one-story of burnt brick. The entrance with a vestibule and an internal staircase is highlighted on the side facade with a risalite. The ground floor is recessed, highlighted in dark color and separated from the first floor by an interstory cornice. The only decorative element in the design of the facades is the imitation of sandricks, repeating the shape of the onion lintels and highlighted in contrasting white. Porch with a canopy on metal brackets. The roof is hip with an iron coating and brick pipes. The corridor system is at the heart of the planning solution. The length of the main facade is 26 m. The height of the building is 7 m.