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Костанайский областной историко-краеведческий музей

Kostanay regional museum of local lore

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Қостанай қ-сы
Алтынсарин көш. 115

State primary school, during the Second World War hospital No. 3598 ("Kostanay College of service sector")

A monument of civil architecture of the XX century in Kazakhstan characterizing the level of construction equipment of that period in the northern regions of the republic.

The author, builder, and customer are unknown.  The second floor of the building was added much later.

Description of the monument

The dating of the monument is Con. XIX – beginning . XX century, 1919.

Location, address: Kostanay, Gagarin str., 68, ug. Kairbekov str.

The building is 2-storey, with a complex planning solution. It is made of brick, plastered and whitewashed with lime mortar.

The facade of the second floor, smooth without decoration, with rectangular windows, is opposed to the more decoratively treated facade of the first floor. The windows of the first floor have a beam lintel. Between the floors, along the entire perimeter, there is an emancipation, under it there are "crackers", which somewhat enliven the facade of the building. The basement under the windows of the first floor is decorated with rectangular recesses. A multi-stage cornice completes the appearance of the building.

Entrances to the building are provided from the northern and southern facades.

The dimensions in the plan are 44 x 28 m. The total height is 13.6 m.