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Қостанай қ-сы
Алтынсарин көш. 115

Resettlement Department (children's and youth school of the Olympic Reserve)

A monument of civil architecture of the late XIX – early XX century, built using elements of eclecticism. The exterior of the building is partially lost, the facade has been partially destroyed, architectural elements have been preserved.

Since 1964, one of the halls (Greco-Roman wrestling) of the children's youth school of the Olympic Reserve, which annually trains more than 300 students, has been located in the building of the resettlement administration.

Description of the monument

Dating of the monument - late XIX – early XX century

Location: Kostanay, ul. Altynsarina, 124

The building is brick, not plastered on a rubble foundation. Space-planning characteristics – a one-story, large-span structure, rectangular in plan, with a gable roof, consists of two interconnected halls of different sizes (22 x 12 m and 10 x 9.5 m) and several office and utility rooms.

The frontal composition is played in the form of a flat arcade, from which each arch in the middle is interrupted, reaching the sub-cornice profiled belt. The vertical division of the facades is completed by the blades, both in the places where the walls meet, and in compositional dependence, superimposed along the arcade.

The pediment with the completion of rectangular outlines and one window opening in the center is separated by a number of profiled decorative rods using shaped bricks and decorated with a zigzag belt around the perimeter of the surface. The roof is covered with iron. The windows are double, blind.

The dimensions in the plan are 23.5 m x 47 m. The height of the structures is 7.5 m . Construction volume – 1084.5 m3