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Қостанай қ-сы
Алтынсарин көш. 115

The "Red Wall" is the place of execution of Red Guards, party and Soviet workers in 1918 – 1919.

A historical and revolutionary monument testifying to one of the most tragic pages in the history of the region - the brutal suppression of the Kostanay peasant uprising.  In March – April 1919, the uprising covered a significant part of the county, on April 5, the rebels managed to dislodge the White Guards from Kostanay. But already on April 8, the punitive units of the Kolchak people, aimed at suppressing the uprising, began shelling the city. After fierce fighting, the partisans left the city, and a bloody massacre began.

From the memoirs of D. Drofeev, a participant in the uprising: "From the night of April 10, the massacre of the Kolchak punishers began. Captured partisans, civilians suspected of sympathizing with the partisans, were shot in the streets, in the courtyard of the People's House, in the courtyard of the Russian-Kyrgyz school. The old cemetery was surrounded by a wide wall of wild stone. People were driven like a flock of sheep to this wall and shot. The corpses of the killed partisans and those shot were taken to cemetery Square within two weeks (then it was not built up from Baymagambetova Street to the cemetery). At the same time, the mobilized population of the city and nearby villages dug long deep mass graves.

Crying and moaning resounded across the square, fathers, mothers, wives, searching for the corpses of their loved ones. It was not allowed to take the corpses away from the square, sometimes at night relatives managed to take the corpses away to bury them separately.

Only 2 weeks later, when the stench of corpses stood over the square, the burial of the killed and executed partisans was completed. The gloomy silence of the city was broken daily by the sobs of women over mass graves."

Description of the monument

Dating of the monument: April 1919

Location: Kostanay, Altynsarina str., 115

The red wall is a fragment of a barn on the site of a merchant's estate. The wall is made of ordinary red clay bricks. Bullet marks are visible on the surface of the wall.

On the memorial plaque there is an inscription in two languages: "At this wall in April 1919, the punishers of Kolchak carried out mass executions of red partisans, participants of the Kustanai peasant uprising."

Wall dimensions: length - 20.6 m, height – 4.5 meters, wall depth – 0.6 m.