Mass Grave of Civil War Heroes (1918 – 1919)

The historical and revolutionary monument reminds us of one of the most tragic pages in the history of the region - the brutal suppression of the Kostanay peasant uprising. In March – April 1919, the Red-partisan uprising covered a significant part of the Kustanai district, on April 5, the rebels managed to dislodge the White Guards from Kustanai. But already on April 8, the punitive units of the Kolchak people, aimed at suppressing the uprising, began shelling the city. After fierce fighting, the partisans left the city, and a bloody massacre began.  In just a few days in April, thousands of people died in the city and its environs, victims of mass shootings.

From a report to the People 's Commissariat on October 17 , 1919:

"... There was quiet crying and moaning in the city, but if any woman cried loudly about her husband, she was shot. People were hanged by their ribs, buckets of water were hung from a person's ribs, people were driven out of their homes, and houses were burned. They began to impose unbearable indemnities on the peasants, in case of refusal they were shot. As a result of the massacre in Kostanay, 10 or 11 thousand people were killed. 7 thousand people are buried in one grave. This cemetery was about 80 fathoms long – huge mounds, and the rest were buried in different places…

The mass grave of the Heroes of the Civil War consisted of two earthen mounds (40 x 6 m).

In the 1930s, a wooden obelisk was installed.

In 1951, the wooden obelisk was replaced with a reinforced concrete one.

In 1979, for the 100th anniversary of the city, a stele is installed on the site of a reinforced concrete obelisk.

In 2008, during the landscaping of the Victory Park, the hills of mass graves were leveled, flower beds were laid out on this place and paving slabs were laid out. A new stele has been installed in memory of the event.

Description of the monument

Dating of the monument: 1930.

Location: Kostanay city, Victory Park

A cone-shaped stele made of reinforced concrete and lined with marble is installed on a rectangular pedestal near the mass grave. The inscription in Kazakh and Russian is carved on the stele: "Eternal memory of those who died during the Civil War." The pedestal is made of concrete, lined with marble slabs. The dimensions of the pedestal in the plan are 1.1 x 2.1 m, the stele is 0.5 x 3.5 m. The area in front of the monument is paved with paving stones.

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