Altynsarin Ibrai

(1841, Arakaragai parish of Mykolaiv district, now Altynsarin district of Kostanay region - 1889) was an outstanding Kazakh educator, public figure, folklorist, ethnographer, poet and novelist, one of the founders of Kazakh written literature and literary language, the creator of the Kazakh alphabet based on Russian graphics.

Author of Kazakh textbooks: "Kazakh anthology" and "Initial guide to teaching Kazakhs the Russian language", the book "Sharia-ul-Islam".

In 1879, I.Altynsarin was appointed to the post of inspector of schools in the Turgay region. In 1884, I. Altynsarin opened the first Russian-Kazakh school in the city of Kostanay. There was a boarding school at the school, thanks to which the children of Kazakh nomads from distant villages had the opportunity to study.

Russian Russian Altynsarin initiated the secular education of the Kazakh people by opening 14 educational institutions, among them four two-class central Russian-Kazakh schools, one vocational school, two women's schools, five township schools, two schools for the children of Russian villagers, a teacher's school in the city of Orenburg.

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