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The building of the children's music school

The first mention of the building itself, which used to house primary school No. 1, Pyatakov school: "The monument of civil architecture of the early XX century is a typical example of construction equipment in the northern region of Kazakhstan. The building of the first (later music) school was built for several years: between 1909 and 1915. The building was designed according to the style and construction plan for one of the primary schools of the city of Kostanay (one of eight single-class Russian schools). In August-September 1915, the building was occupied by refugees (population of German nationality), expelled from the frontline provinces, and later by troops. One of the buildings housed the infirmary of the Union of Cities. The old local name is Pyatakov's school, about which it is known that he was a gendarme. Why the school bore his name is unknown."

Since 1948, it has been school No. 1. The head of the school was Grigory Ivanovich Krivoshchekov. In the summer of 1971, a new building was built for the first school on Chekhov Street.

Currently, the building houses a children's music school. 

Description of the monument

Dating of the monument - beginning . XX century, 1911

Location, address: Kostanay, Kozybaeva str., 37, Pavlova str.

The building is made of burnt brick, on a ribbon rubble foundation. Rectangular in plan structure with a corridor-type layout scheme. The walls of the facades, except for the courtyard, are decorated with horizontal rustication with deep slits. The basement part of the building is bounded by a cornice. The windows are rectangular with a bow lintel. The openings are decorated with platbands in the form of semicolons with stylized capitals, bounding figured sandricks. The walls are completed with a profiled draft and crowned with a stepped overhanging cornice. The roof structures are wooden, covered with metal sheets.

Dimensions in plan: 18 x 24 m. The height of the premises is 4 m. The total height is 9.4 m . Construction volume – 5117 m3.