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Қостанай қ-сы
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1906, aul Mezgil, now Altynsarinsky district of Kostanay region - 1995) - Kazakh Soviet poet, prominent akyn, People's writer of Kazakhstan. She studied at the rabfak. Literary worker, executive secretary of the magazine "Әйел теңдігі", head of the Department of folk akyns of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan. Since 1934, she lived and worked for several years in the Orenburg region as the head of the department in the district newspaper «Екпінді». She worked at the Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences, in the Book Chamber, the magazine "Жаңа өмір", in the publishing house of the Kazakh State Fiction. The first collection of poems "Songs of Auntie" was published in 1935. In 1945, the poem "Manshuk" was published, then the book "Mother's Love", "Passes", "The First Song", "Mother's Heart", "Mother's Spring", "The Legend of the Flower", "Honor". She was awarded 2 Orders of the Badge of Honor, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. Honorary citizen of Kostanay and Arkalyk, in Kostanay secondary school No. 20, in Altynsarinsky district, the district and secondary school are named after Mariam Khakimzhanova.