((1896 Dambarskaya volost of Kustanaysky uyezd, now Taranovsky district of Kostanay region - 1938) - scientist, doctor, teacher. Member of the Alash movement. He graduated from the Kostanay Russian-Kazakh School, the real school, the Central Asian University in Tashkent. During the First World War, he was among the Cossacks called up for menial work, served in the department of foreigners near the city of Minsk. In 1917, at the First All-Kazakh Congress, on behalf of the Torgai Kazakhs, he was nominated to the All-Russian Muslim Council. In 1935-1937 he worked as an associate professor, head of the department of the Almaty State Medical Institute. One of the first who defended his PhD thesis in the field of medicine. Author of over 25 scientific papers. In December 1937, he was repressed. On November 6, 1956, he was rehabilitated posthumously.

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