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Костанайский областной историко-краеведческий музей

Kostanay regional museum of local lore

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Works of fine art

In 1938, the Kostanay Regional Museum of Local History organized the first regional exhibition of professional artists and amateur craftsmen. The best works from this exhibition, donated to the museum, marked the beginning of its art collection, now numbering more than 4 thousand works of painting, graphics, sculpture. The collection of works of the founders of the Kazakh art school and leading artists of the republic: Nikolay Khludov, Abylkhan Kasteev, Baki Urmanche, Moldakhmet Kenbayev, Sabur Mambeyev, Zhanatai Shardenov, transferred in 1962 by the Directorate of Art Exhibitions of the city of Alma-Ata is considered to be the pearl of museum funds. In these works, as in a mirror, the history of the fine arts of Kazakhstan, its richness and diversity are reflected.

In 1995, the museum's art collection was replenished with paintings and graphic works by Kazakhstani and Kostanay artists, as well as masters of Russia, Ukraine, and Transcaucasia. Diverse in subject matter, but striking in the skill of execution, sharpness and impressive persuasiveness of the creative solution, the works of fine art were transferred to the Kostanay Regional Museum of Local History by the Kostanay branch of the Soviet Cultural Foundation

The list of paintings and graphic works from the stock collection of the Kostanay Regional Museum of Local Lore is notable for its chronological, typological and plot diversity. In particular, the museum collection includes works by leading graphic artists of Kazakhstan V. Antoshchenko–Olenev, E. Sidorkin, A. Drozdov, V. Polikarpov, K. Kametov, T. Ordabekov, I. Isabaev, K. Baranov, V. Timofeev, as well as famous Kostanay artists: G. Sokov, A. Nikiforov, A. Shestakov.