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Monument to Ibrai Altynsarin (1841-1889)

Ibrai Altynsarin (1841-1889) was born in the Arakaragai parish of Nikolaevsky uyezd (now Altynsarin district of Kostanay region). An outstanding Kazakh educator, writer, folklorist, public figure, ethnographer.

Author of Kazakh textbooks: "Kazakh Anthology" and "Initial guide to teaching Kazakhs the Russian language", author of fables and short stories, as well as translations by L. N. Tolstoy, I. A. Krylov.

He created variants of the alphabet based on Russian graphics for writing Kazakh texts.

Ibrai Altynsarin initiated the secular education of the Kazakh people. Russian Russian–Kazakh schools opened four two-class schools, one vocational school, one women's school, two schools for Russian children, five township schools.

Description of the monument

Dating of the monument: 1970.

Location: Kostanay city, Altynsarina Street, 118 A

The monument was erected in 1970 on the site of the former Kazakh school, opened by I. Altynsarin.

The authors are the Moscow sculptor N.A. Shcherbakov, the architects are I.A. Pokrovsky, V.D. Gorchinsky.

In 2010, the monument was moved to a new location and installed in the park in front of the main entrance to the building of the boarding school for gifted children named after I. Altynsarin.

The sculptural monument is made of red granite. It consists of three blocks – bust, pedestal, base. The great enlightener is depicted with an open book in his right hand.

The bust is mounted on a pedestal lined with polished granite slabs. The pedestal is mounted on a granite slab in the form of a stylobate. On the pedestal there is a memorial plaque with an inscription in Kazakh and Russian: "Ibrai Altynsarin (1841-1889) - a great Kazakh teacher, educator and scientist."

The total height of the monument with a pedestal is 5.2 meters.