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Қостанай қ-сы
Алтынсарин көш. 115


(1873, aul Taskarasu, Zhitikarinsky district of Kostanay region -1893) was a poet and improviser.

Akhmet Baitursynov, a contemporary of Aksulu, gave her work a high assessment. Mukhtar Auezov in his work gives an example from aitys Aksulu with Kenshimbai and considers it one of the best incriminating works of the XIX century.

Her father Orysbai was an improviser and a wonderful dombrist. He saw the happiness of his children in education, and Aksulu began to study Arabic from an early age. She also mastered Tatar, Persian, and a little later mastered Russian literacy.  Aksulu has embarked on the path of creativity and enlightenment. At the age of 16, the brown-eyed beauty conquers others with her mind, brilliant education and upbringing. The whole steppe from Kostanay lands to the Syr Darya valley started talking about this girl. She was often invited to akyn competitions. The grave of Aksulu Orysbaikyzy is located at the ancestral burial of the village of Alexander Nevsky in the Nogaybak district of the Chelyabinsk region. In 1993, on the 120th anniversary of his birth and the 100th anniversary of his death, fellow countrymen erected a tombstone with the inscription over the grave.