(1928, Laba village of Mendykarinsky district of Kostanay region -1998) - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, President of the Academy of Political Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Worker of the Higher School of Kazakhstan, founder of the first Department of Political Science in the republic at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. In 1945, Tlemis graduated from Mendygarin Pedagogical School.  In 1951 he graduated from the Historical Faculty of the Kazakh State University named after Kirov.

In 1991, Tlemis Mustafin achieved the opening of a new specialty "Political Science" at the university. And the Department of Socio-Political Theory became the Department of Political Science. And it still exists as part of the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science.

Tlemis Mustafin is the author of more than 274 scientific papers.  Tlemis Mustafin has done a lot for the formation of Kazakh political science, organized and headed the first academic Council, educated many young scientists, published the first fundamental encyclopedia of Kazakh political science. And also created the ground for the further development of Kazakhstan's political science.

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