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(1871, Dzhangildinsky district of Kostanay region - 1927) was a public figure, a member of the government of Alashorda, a descendant of Shakshak Zhanibek. He is the first Kazakh who was twice a deputy of the Russian State Duma, defended the interests of his people in parliament.

After graduating from the gymnasium in Orenburg, he entered Kazan University and graduated from the Faculty of Law with a gold medal. He worked in the Orenburg and Troitsk district courts, as well as in the Aktobe, Turgay, Buzuluk district courts. Wherever he was, he tried to protect the interests of ordinary and poor people. In 1906 and 1907, from the Kazakhs of Turgay region, he was elected a deputy to the 1st and 2nd State Duma of Russia. In the Duma, he was deputy chairman of the Muslim faction, defended the interests of the national regions of Kazakhstan. Since the spring of 1917 - Commissar of the Provisional Government of the Kostanay district. At the 2nd All-Kazakh Congress, he was elected to the National Council of Alashorda. In December 1917, he was one of the 14 members of the Turgay regional committee of the Alash Party. In 1918 - 1920 - legal adviser in Semipalatinsk, in 1920 - 1926 - adviser, member of the Board of the Supreme Court, head of the department of the People's Committee of Internal Affairs in the cities of Orenburg and Kyzyl-Orda.